Top Android App Development Trends to Check Out in 2021

Are you planning to build an Android App from the App Development Company in India or worldwide?

Then, it is high time to know about one of the Top Android App Development Trends for 2021.

Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to fulfill the current desires and needs of your audience.

And, the most important thing, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should adopt the latest trends and technologies to prove to your customers that your business is modern and evolving.

As you may know, Android is one of the popular mobile operating systems developed by Google. It is now renowned as the most famous smartphone operating system in Indian and International market According to a study performed by The Verge, there are over 3 billion active users of Android Devices.

Furthermore, you may know that the latest version of Android is 11.0.

However, Google is still planning to use dessert names internally for development builds. Similarly, more than 3.04 million Android applications are available in Google Play Store, ranging from daily tools like Social Media Applications, Calendars, Complex Games, Web Browsers, or you can easily get access to numerous enterprise mobile apps.

Thus, building an Android App is one of the best solutions in the digital era. Do you have your own Android App? If not, you should definitely make an Android App for your business because it helps your users get a great mobile app experience, plus you can efficiently build innovative apps and games for various devices such as mobiles, televisions, tablets, etc.

But, before taking any decision to build an Android App from the Application Development Company, you should consider the latest trends for Android App Development or Mobile App Development Trends for 2021. The best part is that these Android App Development Trends are perfect for surviving and thriving in the Mobile App Development Industry.

Therefore, without wasting your time, you should take a look at the list of our Top Android Application Development Trends that are specially curated to follow in 2021.

What are the Latest Technologies in Android App Development?

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been popular for many years.

However, recently this technology has finally come into action. The reason for choosing Blockchain Technology for Android App Development Solutions is that it provides a decentralized way to build many applications.

Further, it helps in maintaining transparency and eliminating unauthorized access. Is your company dealing with financial matters, or do you have your own finance sector? Then, you should choose blockchain for your Mobile App Development because it offers higher reliability, increased transparency and ensures a greater level of security for your mobile applications.

Another benefit of Blockchain Development is that it helps you speed up the exchange of information in such a way so that you can get a more transparent and cost-effective experience. Whether you are planning to build an Android App for PC, Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows 7, Windows 10, or desktop, Blockchain Technology will help you improve your digital identity.

Also, it can simplify the process for cross-border payments, and most importantly, allow you to experience the most profitable business. Therefore, if you want to get a more secure and safe level of data encryption and maximize your ROI, you can consult with the Best Android App Development Company to build a custom mobile application.

Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are one of the biggest trends in Mobile App Development because they allow users to access content from an application without installation. These devices are specifically designed to assist users in getting more space on their devices. Also, instant apps are suitable for providing a convenient deep link to users for a specific app’s feature. Furthermore, instant apps can automatically track the user’s app/phone usage, places, travel, fitness levels, and sleep patterns.

Besides, when it comes to gaining access to all information on a dashboard, Android-based Instant Apps become the ideal choice. Similarly, it is effortless to connect the instant applications with Android Wear Smartwatch and synchronize the health data with Google Fit.

Thus, if you’re planning to build a customized mobile application for your eCommerce business, you can go with the idea of Android Instant Apps as they don’t take much space on intelligent devices and help you reduce the risks of an unnecessary system interruption.

Some Benefits of Instant Apps are as follows:

  • More Storage Space.
  • Access to Android applications without downloading them.
  • Compatibility support for all Android gadgets.

Chatbots/Google Assistant

It is one of the top trends for App Development in 2021 because you can easily combine your services and the app’s content with Google Assistant. On the other hand, one of the main benefits of choosing Chatbots/Google Assistant is that it allows users to get access to an app’s deep link and helps them perform various activities within the application.

Correspondingly, integration is another benefit of such technologies and makes it feasible for users to access the app faster. In 2020, Google announced that it would release a new feature for Google Assistant at CES. And, this new feature is known as “Scheduled Actions” that helps users communicate with smart devices through google assistant. Likewise, users can submit their query in Google Assistant to turn on/off their smart devices.

Identically, this feature helps control a maximum of 20 home devices, including AC units, coffee machines, lights, and many more. Accordingly, choosing Chatbot Development Services is one of the reliable options for 2021. Though, it allows your users to obtain information about your products and services and make it easy for them to make shopping decisions faster.

Today, from Banking, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Tourism, Retail, or Logistics, almost every company prefers Chatbot integration for their Android Mobile Apps. Because the purpose of chatbots is to streamline interactions between people and services, including help in enhancing customer experience. Thus, if you are the person who wants to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency, you should build a Chatbot for your Android applications.