Mobile App Development That Explains Your Business

Our Mobile App Development team is proficient in crafting applications that are customer friendly and meet your requirements. Mobile apps designed by the Cyberbells professionals are elegant, in chic & bold patterns, configure high image resolution and provide user feedback functionalities. All that we design is great and delivers a complete business sense.

  • Speed: Any app has to be viewed on a smart phone and a customer may not wait if it opens after a long time. We design Apps in the way that open quickly with clear visibility.
  • Security: We use hi-tech approach to provide security to credit/debit card data & Bank Account details furnished by customers. It builds a trust in customers who visit you.
  • Search Engine: Search Engine equipped app makes it user friendly and helps in generating higher volume of leads. Such apps also results in higher conversion rate.

Cyberbells are leaders in mobile app development. Our team is not only skilled, but also well experienced to design ready to launch apps that have the potential to transform your business. We understand what your customers expect and how to meet their expectations. Our apps help you in achieving business goals and maintaining sustainable growth.

Your Mobile App Should Be Compatible With

Payment Gateway Integration

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to update your store to online sale or e-commerce platform. You need a fully secure payment gateway to accept online payments. Mobile app we design is equipped with this feature.

Bar Code Scanning

To provide your customers a good buying experience, you need to install a high-quality scanner enabling them to scan & pay, Apps that we design enable you to integrate all types of scanners to scan Bar Code & QR Code.

Social Media Integration

Social sites not only provide world’s largest single online market, but also go a long way in building up your brand. Mobile apps that we design are compatible for integration with the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Cutting Edge Technology

It’s the technology that enables customers to have an excellent buying experience. This helps you building long-lasting business relations with them. Whatever be the nature of your business, we build apps by using cutting-edge technologies.

Content Update

You need to update your content every now & then. Think about new arrivals, seasonal off, special festival sales or change in prices. We design apps where you can edit content, remove and upload product pictures without any technical knowledge.

Live Chat

Your customers may have some questions to ask from you before they order for some product. They may also be interested in receiving reply in text instead of voice call. Apps that we design, provide you with a chat box where your customers can have a live-chat with you.

Other IT Services & Solutions

Content Optimization

If you already have a website, but it is not visible on Google Search, then your content requires well-knit optimization workup.

Internet Branding

Our goal is on much beyond creating a brand recognition. We focus on integrating customers’ experience & your brand.

Social Media Ads

If you are looking to boost number of leads and sales without wasting much time, then paid social media advertisement is the right solution.

Local SEO

If you’re a professional, example Doctor operating a Clinic or a CA, Property Consultant etc; running a Shop, Restaurant, then you need local SEO.

WhatsApp & Email Marketing

More than 95% of people see their WhatsApp & check their email on regular basis. Business WhatsApp & mails connect customers with suppliers.

Plagiarism Removal

You may not be aware of the fact that Content which you are using could be a copyright property of someone else. This can land you in trouble.